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Top 10 Creative Wedding Poses for 2019 Weddings!

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

It’s a brand new year!. You know what comes along with it? The wedding season! It’s always the wedding season! What do weddings need? Gorgeous pictures, of course! That’s why we put together our favorite list of the 10 most insanely creative, must-have wedding photos that are fun and sweet. Don't forget to show this post to your wedding photographer just incase he/she is a noob! Just kidding we know that you wouldn't book a noob.... but, show this to them anyway.

1. Light Painting

Light paintings aren't easy! It takes a lot of time to plan so, make sure you know what you need before you pose for this photo. The photographer will have to put the shutter speed really low for this one so, it's important that you stay still! The result however will be amazing!

How about this one?.....

2. See Through You

This is everybody's dream isn't it? To see yourself through the person you love. Amazingly, there is nothing a good photographer cannot achieve. We are just inspiring you to push the boundaries! The secret is to use all the glass windows around you.

3. Witness The Kiss

Unless you are the brother of the bride, watching the couple kiss cannot be so bad! But, posing like it the kiss is gross will bring a lot of giggles later when you flip through the pictures!

is the middle-one crying?....

4. Mini You & Me

For this one, the photographer needs to have some serious skill as well as a lot time on his/her hand. Don't expect them to click these with all the other million ideas you have given because this REALLY takes time to pull-off!

This is how it's done!...