Top 10 Wedding Venues in Melbourne, Australia

Are you struggling to find that perfect venue for your big day? We know how it feels and would love to help you decide. Look no further, because below are a list of 10 perfect wedding venues in Melbourne.

1. Crown Melbourne

Location:South bank, Melbourne, VIC

Price: starts from $160

Reception guest: Max 1100

Crown Melbourne is perfect for you if you want to invite everyone in your family. With its maximum number of guest at 1100, you could even bring along your neighbours to celebrate your big day. This venue is the most popular in the city and is located next to the Yarra River with the CBD in view. This is the perfect location offering a number of exquisite venues and packages. Their own description can tell you why.

“From intimate gathering to large-scale celebration, Crown’s world-class chefs, skilled waiting staff, and experienced function co-ordinators, add the finishing touches to ensure every detail is considered and all your dreams for an unforgettable wedding are realised.”

2. Park Hyatt Melbourne

Location: East Melbourne, Melbourne, VIC

Price: starts from $175

Reception guest: Max 400

If you prefer elegance, then Park Hyatt is the one. This venue is full of luxury and sophistication and is right in the city. The venue offers excellent catering service that creates innovative dishes to blow your guests away. If you’re still not convinced, their staff will give you maximum service and will ensure that your wedding day is perfect. If you have a long list of guests then I’d give Park Hyatt a call as well.

3. The Hotel Windsor

Location: Melbourne, VIC

Price: starts from $120

Reception guest: Max 230

Do you like to have more than one choices of room to choose from? Then welcome to the Hotel Windsor, a beautiful hotel that is rich with history. They offer 3 different sized function rooms - The Grand Ballroom, The Bourke Room, and The Windston Room - that could cater for every type of wedding and every budget, and can hold between 30 to 400 guests. If you would love to have your wedding in hotel and is on a budget, then The Hotel Windsor could help you there. What are you waiting for?

4. Grand Hyatt Melbourne

Location: CBD, Melbourne, VIC

Price: starts from $155

Reception guest: Max 650

Situated in the bustling city, Grand Hyatt Melbourne is the perfect venue for those who loves a big wedding with a maximum number of guests at 650. The price they offer is a bit better than Park Hyatt with a much larger number of guests. The hotel offers 2 different type of ballrooms - The Savoy and Mayfair - for you to choose from. Their superb catering and refined service will make your celebration the best experience you could imagine.

5. Leonda by the Yarra

Location: Hawthorn, Melbourne, VIC

Price: starts from $115

Reception guest: Max 400

Only minutes from the CBD, Leonda by the Yarra could make your wedding day a magical one next to the beautiful Yarra River. If you don’t want to travel that far away from the city and still want nature by your side, then this venue is perfect for you. Their precision to detail will translate your dream wedding into reality.

6. Poets Lane

Location: Sherbrooke, VIC

Reception guest: Max 170

Want a venue away from the city and up on the ranges? Located on the Dandenong Ranges, this beautiful forest setting offers timeless laneways, picturesque bridge and elegant water features. This is perfect for the nature lovers who loves a bit of green in their photos and videos.

7. Inglewood Estate

Location: Yarra Valley / Dandenong Ranges

Price: starts from $120

Reception guest: Max 120

Located in the secluded valley of Kangaroo Ground, Inglewood Estate is a photographic location, with landscapes gardens, vineyard and lake. If you’re looking for a venue with stunning scenery, this is a perfect setting for you to declare your love.

8. Balgownie Estate Vineyard Resort & Spa

Location: Yarra Glen, VIC

Price: starts from $160

Reception guest: Max 150

Balgownie Estate is located in the heart of the Yarra Valley and is the region’s premier winery wedding venue. The location itself says it all. If you dislike the bustling city and prefer a more relaxed venue, then choosing Balgownie Estate is perfect for you. They offer couples the advantage of having their ceremony, reception, photoshoot and overnight accommodation all within the one location. Who wouldn’t love having everything in one place.

9. Brighton Savoy

Location: Brighton, VIC

Price: starts from $110

Reception guest: Max 220

Did you dream of having your wedding on the beach? Let Brighton Savoy and their award winning team make that dream come true. With a beautiful view of Port Philip Bay, your big day would turn into a day to remember. To top it off, you could end it by watching the sunset. What a way to end a magical day. They have 4 spaces catered for you to choose from.

10. Seaview Room Brighton

Location: Brighton, VIC

Price: starts from $120

Reception guest: Max 150

Seaview Room Brighton is a part of Brighton Savoy. Again, this is a perfect venue if you dream to have a beachside wedding. Their award winning team will support and share your journey with you.

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