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Wedding Photography: Guide to Choosing Locations in Melbourne

Melbourne has plenty of beautiful locations to choose from for photography opportunities. Different locations however have their own set of rules to watch out for. By rules, we mean permits and fees. Before heading out, we would like you to think first and ask yourself a set of questions to really choose the right spot.

Here is that list of questions to ask yourself before choosing your location:

1 - do you have a special memory at a specific location?

Memories are always precious and sometimes a certain spot can remind us of a particular memory. Maybe it’s on the Prince’s Bridge, where you had your first kiss after that perfect first date. Maybe it’s at Carlton Gardens, where you both laid down on the green grass to watch the autumn leaves dance and clouds moving slowly on your second date. Maybe it’s at St Kilda’s beach, where you both talked about your insecurities and expectations for the future while munching on some delicious kebabs. Just the 2 of you, creating memories that could last a lifetime.

Would you want to capture your perfect wedding photos at those special locations?

2 - what is your style of photography?

The first thing to think about when taking wedding photography is what style you are looking for. This will hugely influence your location of choice as different backgrounds depicts different style. If it’s hard to find that location with a meaningful memory, then this is the second question to ask.

Do you prefer the beach over the city? Or do you love nature more?

3 - is the photography session on the same day as your wedding day or different day?

If, however, the photography session is taking place on the same day, it will be good to choose a spot that’s closest to the venue. Consider the time it takes to travel to that location from your getting ready location, and also the travel time from the photography location to the wedding reception venue. Time is precious and if you’d like to do an elaborate wedding shoot, it’s best to do it on a different day.

4 - does the location require a permit?

There are plenty of locations that are free from permit, but there are those that requires you to apply for one. For those which do need a permit, there might be a fee that you have to pay. If you’re looking for a list of locations that requires a permit, we’ll writing up a post soon.

5 - would you travel really far for that perfect photo?

We had a couple who did their wedding photography at 3 locations on the same day within the span of 1 day. It wasn’t on the same day as their big day, but we travelled the distance with them. The locations varied from the city, to the Mornington Peninsula, to Brighton Beach. They were keen to capture different parts of Melbourne and that’s what we did.

Would you want to do the same, and if so would you want to do it before or after the wedding day?

Overall, no need to stress over the locations as we’ve got you covered. We are here to help you choose and capture not only the best photographs but also video for your wedding day. Just have fun and the rest will be a breeze!

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