Introducing Time Capsule, a revolutionary memory preserving video & photo service.


What is a Time Capsule?


Time Capsules are created with the intention that they will be opened or accessed at a future date. This is the most precious gift you can give to your loved ones by preserving your words, message or even special items for them to rediscover later in life.


A Time Capsule contains an interactive video documentary of your precious words, a customised message, and photographs that are brilliantly crafted by our documentary filmmakers and photographers. Go the extra mile by also including precious items. Store it all in a unique online space which is password protected.


Imagine preserving the present moments for the future. Isn't this the best feeling ever?




Irene's Family Photo Session

Melbourne, VIC - 25 May 2019

Renee's Time Capsule

Dear Renee

Melbourne, VIC - 26 January 2019


Dear Maya

Melbourne, VIC - 1 September 2018

Korah's Time Capsule

Dear Korah

Melbourne, VIC - 29 August 2018